How the Price of Healthcare Differs

The price of healthcare is different based on who your insurance carrier is and how you’re covered. And I think this is a fundamental flaw in our healthcare system and how we price and pay for our healthcare services. And let me just make, do an analogy here. Let’s just say the group of four of us went out to lunch. And we went over to IHOP and we all ordered the exact same sandwich and had a iced tea. We had the exact same meal. And I pull out my American Express card and I pay for that and it’s $15. And you take out your Visa card and you pay for it and it’s $12.50. And Sue, who is with us, she takes out her Discover card and it’s $10 for her. How would we feel as consumers if we were charged that different price for that same exact meal depending on the credit card that we used?

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