• Control Plan Cost

    Are You Are Getting The Best Possible Price?

    Health insurance plan pricing can be subjective, when you factor in claims experience, the performance of the insurance carrier’s book of business and the competitiveness of the marketplace, how do you know you are getting the best possible price? Corporate Benefit Partners takes the mystery out of the process. We fully disclose insurance carrier underwriting methodologies, our marketing strategies, and our compensation. We want to make it clear that we work for YOU and we will fight for every dollar every year.

    Control Plan Cost
  • Compliance

    Are You Ready For a DOL Audit?

    The most significant legislation applicable to employer sponsored health & welfare plans is ERISA. The law passed in 1974 has been expanded over the years and now includes both COBRA and HIPAA. The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) enforces ERISA by providing regulations that:

  • Technology

    Great Benefits at Your Fingertips

    Employee benefit plan administration technology needs differ from company to company we work to assess your needs, then recommend, implement and train you on the right technology. Already have a great technology platform? Your CBP team will work with you and your technology vendor to provide open enrollment and plan library updates as needed.

  • Employee Communication

    Empowering Employees to Access Benefits

    Corporate Benefit Partners knows that when employees really understand their benefits they will have a greater appreciation for them. We believe in being strategic with employee communications, making open enrollment meaningful and creating learning opportunities throughout the year. We will work with you to design a custom communication strategy that makes sense for your employees and promotes your employment brand.

    Employee Communication
  • Employee Advocacy

    Help When Your Employees Need It Most

    Our health care system and our health insurance system don’t always work well together. If you have ever had an unpaid medical bill, a denied procedure authorization or a problem getting a prescription filled, you know how frustrating it can be. At Corporate Benefit Partners we understand, and we can help.

    Employee Advocacy
  • Wellness

    Create A Culture of Wellness

    Corporate Benefit Partners understands that healthy employees are happy and more productive. Many companies promote employee health and well being, but very few create a culture of wellness. If this is your goal CBP can help! Working from the ground up we execute on strategies with proven results in the development of the right wellness strategy for your company.