Control Plan Cost

Are You Are Getting The Best Possible Price?

Health insurance plan pricing can be subjective, when you factor in claims experience, the performance of the insurance carrier’s book of business and the competitiveness of the marketplace, how do you know you are getting the best possible price? Corporate Benefit Partners takes the mystery out of the process. We fully disclose insurance carrier underwriting methodologies, our marketing strategies, and our compensation. We want to make it clear that we work for YOU and we will fight for every dollar every year.

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Minimize Future Increases?

At Corporate Benefit Partners we are always looking towards the future. Our service model includes a multi-year plan designed to identify specific strategies to minimize medical trend and protect your plan from significant increases. Financial Services include:

  • Benchmarking, Audit & Review of Current Plans
  • Strategic Planning & Objective Setting
  • Benefit Plan Design & Redesign
  • Monthly & Quarterly Financial Reporting
  • Renewal Projections & Funding Analysis
  • Renewals, Marketing & Carrier Negotiations
  • Carrier Network & Claim Pricing Analysis
  • Underwriting & Actuarial Expertise
  • Employee Cost Sharing Analysis
  • Employee Utilization Awareness Communications
  • Wellness Programs

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