How do you know how well your plans are performing?

The CBP Challenge

Corporate Benefit Partners has developed a survey with questions specifically designed to help you evaluate how well your benefit plans are performing. Engage your management team, take the survey and compare the results. You will soon begin a conversation that could change your perspective and help you to consider what is possible.

Scoring your plan is easy, answer each question on a scale from 1 – 5 with five being the best possible. We will reach out to you to discuss your score. We promise we won’t try to sell you anything. But we would be happy to talk with you about specific strategies to improve your score.

    1Our employee benefit programs are integrated, streamlined and focused

    2We are in control of our benefits plan costs and have an equitable cost share with our employees

    3We understand our health insurance rates and we are confident we get the best possible price

    4Our annual renewal process is proactive, organized and well executed

    5We are confident our plans would pass a Department of Labor (DOL) Audit

    6The presentation and communication of our benefit plans motivates and engages our employees

    7Our employee benefit programs are integrated, streamlined and focused

    8Our employees understand and appreciate the benefit plans we provide

    9Our employees know that if they make healthy lifestyle choices they help to keep plan costs low

    10Our plan administration processes and supporting technology are integrated and automated

    11If you could change anything about your current plans and processes what would it would be?

    12Over the next two years, what are your top three goals for improvements to your plans?

    13 What are the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals?