Are You Ready For a DOL Audit?

The most significant legislation applicable to employer sponsored health & welfare plans is ERISA. The law passed in 1974 has been expanded over the years and now includes both COBRA and HIPAA. The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) enforces ERISA by providing regulations that:

  • Require employers to provide specific annual plan reporting to the government
  • Mandates the method and language of disclosure of rights to plan participants
  • Provides for assurance plan funds are protected & participants who qualify receive their benefits.
  • Ensure individuals who manage plans meet certain minimum standards of conduct

Corporate Benefit Partners offers a complete compliance solution. Our compliance checklist and process is comprehensive and ensures your plans are ready for DOL Audit.

  • Wrap Plan Documents
  • Cobra Administration Guidance
  • Section 125 Plan Documents
  • COC/SPD Audit & Support
  • Legislative Guides
  • ERISA Attorney
  • SBC Distribution
  • Compliance Updates
  • ERISA Attorney
  • 5500 Compliance & Filing
  • Legislative Alerts

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