What to look for in a Broker

When you’re looking at insurance broker services, it’s important to understand that they offer services for a lot of different things. So you have, first of all, their brokerage services, how they broker your business, how they approach the marketplace on your behalf. You also want to understand what kind of support services that they’re going to provide for you throughout the year.

So you want to know that your plans are going to be in compliance, that you have all the appropriate plan documentation in place. You want to understand what kind of technology solutions they might be able to offer you. Do they offer an online enrollment tool? Can they support the online enrollment tool that you might have through your payroll provider? Can they help you develop a wellness program so that you can get your employees a little bit more engaged in healthy lifestyles? What kind of employee communication campaign can they deploy on your behalf?

I think it’s really important that employees understand their benefits. You pay a significant dollar amount for them. You want to make sure they’re appreciated and understood. And then depending on your group size, what expertise does your broker have in understanding the claims and analyzing and providing data and reports back to you.

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