What can Employers do to Help Lower Costs?

I’m a big advocate of employee wellness programs. So when we talk about behavioral and lifestyle choices, I mean, if you are a diabetic and you can reverse some of those healthcare cost concerns, maybe by choosing a healthier lifestyle, getting some help that will bring costs down overall. So in employer wellness programs, we look to identify certain risk factors in your employees and help them overcome, maybe some challenges that they have so that they can be healthier and more productive in their life and in their work.

So employee wellness programs are really important. I think disease management programs within your health insurance plans definitely help a lot. But I also think that if you really look at the health insurance marketplace and you really understand it, and you really understand how it works, and you can negotiate for yourself and for your employees the best possible price in the market for the best possible programs, you can help to keep those costs down over time.

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