Level Funded Plans and Small Groups

Now, something that’s a new and emerging trend in the small group marketplace under 50 lives is what we call level-funded plans. So unlike the fully insured market under 50, that’s community rated level funded plans are medically underwritten. So an insurance carrier will take a look at your employee census and they put it through a database and they give it a risk score.

Based on prescription drug utilization that they can get data on and if you have a very favorable risk score and a healthy group There’s a really good chance that your price point will be much lower on a level-funded product than on a fully insured Product in that under 50 marketplace. So there are some options for employers who maybe have a really healthy group to take advantage of some, some better pricing in that level-funded market.

So it’s really important to take a look at the carriers, both from a fully insured perspective and a level-funded perspective.

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