Who’s Really Paying for Healthcare?

Of the four and a half trillion dollars, we want to take a look at who actually pays all those health care costs. Obviously, Americans don’t have 4.5 trillion dollars to pay for it. So if we look at it and we break it out. Medicare is 944 billion. Medicaid is 805 billion. Private health insurance, the health insurance you get from your employer or that you buy, on an insurance exchange or that you buy private policies for pays 1.28 billion. Out-of-pocket is 471 billion. And other third-party and public health is 64 billion or 13%. So if you look at this, it’s 29 percent of it’s paid by private health insurance, and then 18 and 21 percent. So our government pays for a significant amount of the health care that we use in our country through Medicare, through Medicaid, through the military benefits. A lot of that comes from them and then private health insurance carriers.

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