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Corporate Benefit Partners understands that healthy employees are happy and more productive. Many companies promote employee health and well being, but very few create a culture of wellness. If this is your goal CBP can help!  Working from the ground up we execute on strategies with proven results in the development of the right wellness strategy for your company.

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Employer sponsored wellness plans can provide the education and resources needed to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as poor diet, inactivity, tobacco use and stress. 

These behaviors can lead to absenteeism, increased medical claims, turnover and, most importantly, chronic and costly disease. 

Wellness programs can help, but getting employees to change can be a challenge.

Your CBP team will work with you to establish a culture of wellness that engages employees and promotes your employment brand. It is important to have a well thought out plan with built-in elements that maximize participation and encourage long lasting change.


"Using strategies with proven results we can help lead your company to a culture of wellness”


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