Are Americans Making Difficult Decisions with Healthcare?

I think employees, people, Americans every day go without health care because they don’t know how much it’s going to cost. Whether or not you have coverage, how much would it cost to go to an urgent care, how much would it cost to get blood work done. People put off certain things. I had Read More

Why does Healthcare go up Every Year?

We have something in our healthcare system called cost shifting, which I want to talk a little bit about. And it’s that if you have Medicare, for example, you’re as, as a provider are reimbursed one rate. But if you have private insurance, you’re reimbursed two rates. That’s what is known as a healthcare cost Read More

How Much Do We Spend on Healthcare?

That’s a great question. So think about this. In 2022, Americans spent $4.5 trillion on their health care. And it’s a big number to wrap your head around if you just think about what a trillion dollars is. So if you think about a trillion in perspective of time, if you take a second and Read More

Why Did You Start Corporate Benefit Partners?

I’ve been in the health insurance industry for 40 years now, and there’s one thing about health insurance, and that’s that the price goes up every single year. Right now, it costs over $8,400 a year for someone to just buy single coverage on average. Each year, employers deal with this difficult decision of what Read More