Corporate Benefit Partners understands that you invest a lot of time and money into your employee benefit programs. We believe that our service platform and expertise can reduce overall cost and deliver more value to you and to your employees. Our approach is different from other brokers. We want to be your employee benefits partner and we will never try to sell you insurance. Together we will explore the performance of your program. CBP will then develop a multi-year strategic plan that will provide you with specific actions to take to plan improvement.    

At the end of our time together if we believe that a partnership would be beneficial, we look forward to talking with you about becoming your broker. If not, then we will part as friends and you will get to keep your strategic plan. Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Take the CBP Employee Benefits Challenge

Step 2 – The Initial Consultation

Step 3 – The Discovery Meeting

Step 4 – Delivery of Your Strategic Plan

Step 5 – Partnership Evaluation

Your strategic plan is our investment in exploring partnership opportunities. We are happy to share our idea’s, knowledge and expertise. Call today for your free no-obligation initial consultation.


“We want to be your employee benefits partner, we will never try to sell you insurance”


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